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Lee Blaugrund

Lee began dancing tango 25 years ago. Completely enchanted with the dance, Lee found himself traveling regularly to Buenos Aires to attend all the best milongas, where he met and developed lifelong friendships with many PorteƱos! It would be fair to say that BA is Lee's second home as he has an apartment and a business in Argentina. He also enjoys traveling and attending encuentros within the United States and in Europe. For the last 10 years, Lee has worked to help develop, sustain, and grow the local tango community by hosting milonguero style milongas as well as bringing in well-known tango teachers, such as Monica Paz, to his venue, the amazing and unique, Las Puertas. As a dedicated milonguero, Lee looks forward to sharing his love of close embrace tango with fellow milongueros at Encuentro Encanto.


Kipp and Phil Chynoweth

Kipp and Phil found tango while visiting Buenos Aires in 2010 where they took a class to "try it out." After watching the instructors demonstrate what they were supposed to be doing they thought, well, heck, we can probably take a few classes back home in NM and learn this dance! That was 12 years ago, and they continue to study and enjoy dancing. They are enthusiastic milongueros who enjoy dancing around the United States, Europe, and Buenos Aires. Locally, Kipp has served on the board of the local tango club in various capacities, including a year as the president and head of the workshop committee and is also one of the club DJ's.

As a DJ, Kipp has had the opportunity to provide golden age music to local dancers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe as well as at various venues around the US and Europe. Kipp is also one of the co-organizers of Amilonga which has worked hard to provide a friendly atmosphere for all the local dancers in our community and all who visit.

Kipp and Phil have found a friend in fellow tango enthusiast Lee Blaugrund. All three have enjoyed traveling together to dance and look forward to bringing fellow milonguero dancers to La Tierra del Encanto.

Encuentro Encanto
Photo by Andrey Yaroshchuk